• February 2, 2015

Why is Artificial Grass Good?

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Grass is a perfect ground cover when you want a softer surface, it adds a natural look and feel and when it’s green and lush invites you to spend time outdoors. However, the money, time and effort spent getting it to that perfect condition can almost outweigh the benefits. What about artificial grass? Can you get the same look and feel as natural grass? Do you really save that much time and money? Below we will explore the reasons that artificial grass is good and the benefits to using fake turf at your home, business or on a spots ground.

Synthetic Turf for Your Home

While low maintenance is often quoted as the greatest benefit, and this gives you back more time as you no longer have to mow, water, weed or feed your lawn, there are also great monetary savings. Most of us have that shady area in the back yard that simply will not grow grass, or a high traffic area that won’t grow not matter how often you seed it and lay turf, by placing a synthetic lawn, you save the cost of constant reseeding and fertilising. You have the added benefits of keeping your family free from pesticides and helping the environment.
  • No chemical fertilisers or pesticides required
  • No watering
  • No mowing – less CO2 emissions
  • Less landfill – no grass clippings going to the tip
  • Less time gardening
  • More time for other important things
  • Stays green all year round
If you aren’t sure if artificial grass is the right decision for your home, remember that you can always convert just a portion of your yard, under that shady tree or in the area that gets the most foot traffic and see just how much of a difference addressing those awkward areas can make. It’s easy to create a feature in your lawn using synthetic lawn with pebbles, stepping stones or pavers for a beautiful finish.

Artificial Grass for your Sports Ground

Real grass can cope with a lot of wear and tear, but for areas of high traffic and punishing use, it simply can’t keep up, even if you were to spend the time and effort in seeding, watering and maintaining the area. When you do maintenance on real grass you have to keep people off the grass while the new seeds get established, costing you time and causing limitations on the use of your grounds. Saving that time, effort and expenditure in regular upkeep is balanced by the benefits of having an area that will withstand physical sports activities and look good all year round. Other great benefits of using synthetic lawns include:
  • Uniform shock absorption over the entire playing field
  • Proven quality of the field regardless of weather conditions
  • The area is always ready to play on, no limits and no waiting
  • More training sessions without succumbing to wear
  • Handles intensive use with ease
  • Low maintenance, simply brush leaves and sticks off
  • Less land required for fields, as each field can handle more hours of use
  • More land available for carparks / shops / canteens
Artificial grass makes a long wearing, cost effective, low maintenance solution for tennis courts, golf greens, cricket wickets, bowling greens, playgrounds and sports fields.

Synthetic Lawns for Business Installations.

For offices, retail outlets or accommodation, using artificial grass can create a great impact, a feature area or a modern breakout space. There are so many uses for synthetic turf that go far beyond just using it as an option for a lawn. Today’s modern companies are creating great environments for their workers, increasing morale and employee satisfaction and creating positive workspaces. The team feel encouraged and included and productivity levels increase through having break out rooms with a great look and feel, or bringing the outdoors inside with a touch of nature. Some companies create games rooms with pool tables for their staff, and have fake grass on the wall instead of paint or wallpaper, bringing a level of interest to the room and adding a depth of texture. Making the office fun helps the team to feel good about their work environment and increase company loyalty. Portable roll out putt is another great option for creating an interactive space in your office, you can set them up for social functions, or run a friendly competition by placing a few side by side. They pack away easily and only take a few moments to set up. If you run a hotel or accommodation facility with a rooftop terrace, synthetic grass is the perfect way to make that space usable, without requiring someone to take the tools into an awkward area for regular maintenance. It’s a simple and effective way to create more usable space. Making a standout feature entranceway to your facilities can be done quickly and easily with artificial turf. Create an area that is inviting for people to walk through and create a great first impression, making your location memorable and helping to bring customers back. There are many options for using artificial turf to create warm, natural inviting spaces, as well as being the perfect long lasting, hard wearing, low cost solution for many applications.

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