How often do you practice your putting? Would you like to do it more regularly?

Golf is a great way to get outdoors with friends, and have a social catch up, but it can be frustrating to miss that final putt and end up over par.

Having the opportunity to practice away from the golf course can improve your game, and having a decent sized putting green to practice on can make all the difference.

Portable Putting Green Uses

Roll-Out-Putt is the artificial putting green that you can use anywhere on almost any surface.

Indoors, outdoors, on a balcony or by the pool! If you have an area with slopes or a small hill, you can practice those trickier putts and work on perfecting your game.

Portable Putting Green at the Office

Roll-Out-Putt can also be put to great use at work. Want to get your staff to be more active? Unroll the putting green at lunch breaks, or use it for Friday evening social functions. Get a couple, place them side by side and run a friendly competition.

A Truly Portable Putting Green

Roll-Out-Putt comes in a durable denim carry-bag for your convenience. Simply open the bag, roll out the green and start putting.

At 4m long by 1.2m wide, the Roll-Out-Putt is designed with those tricky 8-10 footers in mind and offers a far truer synthetic putting surface than other light weight and modular putting aids on the market!

Roll-Out-Putt is ready to be couriered to your door today!

See Roll-Out-Putt at a golf shop near you or call us direct for more info. In Sydney on 8324 1314.

Roll-Out-Putt Dimensions:

  • Unrolled: 4m x 1.2m
  • Rolled up in bag approx. 1.3m x 400mm
  • Weight approx: 25Kg.
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