Synthetic vs. Real Grass – Which is Right for You?

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Artificial grass seems to dominate landscaping and gardening, especially with the realistic looks that rival real turf. Every season, more and more homeowners choose this option. Each may have various reasons for doing so, but some may be wondering whether or not artificial turf installations will soon totally replace and become more popular than natural grass, as is becoming the case in Nevada, USA for example.

Real grass

Let’s consider why you should choose real grass over a synthetic lawn. One of the biggest reasons why people go for this option is because real grass is good for the environment. It does not do any harm when you add more grass to your home and will aid the surroundings, a chain effect leading to a greener planet.

Think about it: an area of grass that measures 800m2 can help produce enough oxygen for a family of four so they can all breathe healthily. If you have an average sized lawn, it can capture over 100kgs of carbon every year and a golf course fairway over half a ton of carbon.

Other pros of using real grass

If you are still not convinced with live grass, here are even more reasons why you may want to consider it for your lawn:

The benefits of the real green: It may sound straightforward, but your turf can help improve wellness and even lower your stress levels. Green as a colour is quite calming and the growing evidence that natural grass on sports fields, lawns, and homes, can play an essential role in the emotional aspect of the observer.

Safety: If you have kids around, or even if you do not, you surely want to keep everyone safe. Artificial grass of old has been known to have some compounds that may harm little ones, especially low-quality grass. With real grass, you never have to worry about these chemicals unless you spray your lawn with them.

Improved appearance: The appearance of a well-mown lawn is hard to beat. From the smell to the feel of the grass, you will know it is authentic.

Economical: It is much cheaper to choose real grass over fake grass. When you use real grass, you will also help in complementing the insect and plant life on the planet, as you support the overall ecological makeup of your own yard.

Cons of real grass

Unfortunately, you will run into many problems with real grass if you are not careful. Here are just some of the issues that many homeowners regret after they had selected the natural route:

Requires hard work: You will need to dedicate some time to managing and maintaining the grass, especially during the summer. It can be such a pain for busy people since they need to weed, mow, and feed the grass to name just a few of the jobs to take care of the lawn.

Extra costs: With the added responsibilities, you know you will have to shell out extra cash to pay for these tasks, the necessary equipment to complete them, and other products.

Not suitable for everyone: Perhaps one of the most significant issues with a real grass lawn is that it cannot handle volumes of people. If it is in an area that has high traffic, it will not last unless you are willing to spend time, money, and effort into keeping it immaculate all-year-round. Although real grass is considered more economical than the artificial counterpart, it can be costlier in the long run due to its maintenance needs.

Synthetic grass

Artificial turf is in demand these days because of the great looks that make it unique and almost real at the same time. It can be difficult to distinguish whether the grass is fake or real even by touching or smelling it because it is superbly crafted from backing to blade.

Why you should consider synthetic grass

If you haven’t heard about the positive reactions of homeowners toward artificial grass, here are just a few of the many reasons why they are convinced it is the right choice for them:

Little to no maintenance: Unlike real grass, you do not need to have heaps of free time to take care of synthetic turf. Of course, it will still depend on the type of grass you install and its purpose. You can, however, rest assured that there will be minimal wear and tear even if you do not spend too much time maintaining the fake lawn. It means less money spent, and you get even more free time for yourself and your family.

Good for pets: If you have a cat or dog, you can clean the artificial grass so easily if ever your pet decides to use it for undesirable purposes. You can hose down the soiled areas.

High traffic: People can continually use the grass, and you do not have to worry about its state. You can walk all over it any time of the year, no matter what season you prefer. There will be no concerns about soaking wet or muddy grass.

Great for small gardens: Artificial turf is excellent in small gardens where space is at a premium. You no longer need to use a mower, simply enjoy your synthetic grass.

Many variations: You have so many options, including artificial turf that you can lay directly onto concrete. Synthetic grass does have several attractive benefits, however it is important to know that artificial grass is quite expensive, which is why you have to be prepared. Shop around first, so you have an idea about how much you are about to spend. The quality of synthetic grass turf has significantly improved over the years.

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