Contactless grass!

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Unprecedented times create unprecedented opportunity for a really easy ‘put your feet up’ grass experience!

Should you wish and without you leaving the comfort of your living room, by simply opening the window to say G’day and show us the area you’d like to transform we can measure up and make recommendations for you to create that perfect new yard featuring a brand new synthetic lawn.

We’ll chat across the yard and then send you a quote electronically. Should your project require more complex components of installation we will discuss these with you in advance in a practical, knowledgeable and resourceful manner to ensure each and every aspect is fully understood by all parties.

Thereafter, should you decide to proceed with the proposed artificial grass installation once you’ve reviewed the offer at hand, then we’ll adopt the same process of minimal interaction throughout the course of the works creating a new yard experience to be enjoyed by you and your family.

And, just to reassure, all our staff and installation contractors always adhere to stipulated social distancing and cleanliness policies.

Looking forward to creating an artificial grass oasis for you!

Stay safe

The Surface-it Team

Synthetic Grass

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