Artificial Lawn for Your Home

Artificial Lawns are as much a part of the residential property landscape today as they are in a commercial or educational environment. When at home there is always plenty of work to be done around the house to keep the place looking and feeling just like you want it to, so it goes without saying that time can be saved by not having to mow the grass!

Today’s fake lawns are a far cry from the bright green outdoor carpets of twenty years ago. The components, technology and manufacturing processes have progressed so much that now you can have a rich, dense, green lawn that looks and feels just like the real thing installed in hours.

Artificial grass by the experts at Surface-it Sydney will last for years to come, so wherever you may be just get in touch and hopefully we can provide you with a solution.

residential artificial grass

Synthetic Turf is Great for Homeowners

Artificial grass production has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last decade thanks primarily to new, state-of-the-art technologies and the development of the materials utilised in the manufacture of the synthetic yarns.

Our expert consultants and installation contractors of residential artificial grass Sydney are able to point you towards the best possible solution tailored perfectly to the specific needs at your house, whether it be for a featured area, under a tree, beside a pool or for the kids’ sports and play.

Artificial garden grass

The Benefits of Artificial Lawns

Being able to enjoy your private back yard oasis with minimal upkeep presents valuable cost-saving opportunities as a result of having to run, fuel and maintain the mower less. Artificial turf offers a diminishing need for fertilisers and lawn food and the outdoor water usage will be dramatically reduced, so more time for family and friends or just relaxing after a busy week.

Perhaps your lawn is forever in shade, under trees or is simply a well-worn high-traffic area where the natural grass just won’t grow, no matter how often you reseed and remind the kids to keep off it. Do you always end up with grass clippings in the water and filter box each time you mow around the pool? If you were to convert these areas to artificial grass you can stop buying the grass seed, monitoring where the kids play, or spending extra time skimming the pool.

residential artificial grass for waterfront house

Synthetic Grass for Any Area of Your Yard

Converting to fake grass is an investment in your family and the time you spend with them. With the synthetic grass range available today (landscape, sports, hard-wearing commercial, pet-friendly) we have options for all areas of your yard!

Boasting reasonable cost and low maintenance, it’s only a matter of time before the initial investment for your new synthetic lawn will pay for itself.

If you would like an artificial grass quotation call us in Sydney on 8324 1314, e-mail us at or click here and fill in our on-line contact form! Quick and simple, and we’ll get right back to you!

Fake Grass Is Superior to Natural Turf in Many Ways

Today synthetic grass presents many advantages:

  • It is difficult to tell the difference between the two, artificial grass looks, feels, and with some products even smells the same.
  • It saves you money in the long-term. Apart from some of the cost related benefits outlined above you can also maybe reduce the gardener’s hours each week and not worry about re-grassing after an extended dry spell.
  • A huge bonus is that no lawn mowing, or watering is necessary, saving you that extra work and freeing up your spare time.
  • No discolouration, unlike real turf real grass which often fades to brownish yellow quickly and even burns as a result of our hot Australian climate.
  • Great for drought prone environments: Areas which are drought prone and suffer from extreme heat benefit immensely from fake grass. Real grass will often brown quite quickly without adequate hydration, so you can end up with inconsistent patches here and there as natural turf gradually succumbs to the heat or the drought. Synthetic grass on the other hand, will remain vibrantly green and bouncy no matter how dry it gets.
  • Superb durability: If your garden is a high traffic area, or if you enjoy playing sports in the yard, then a synthetic grass installation is a good idea. Artificial turf is more robust and durable than real grass and won’t get muddy in wet weather, plus it feels super soft when walking around barefoot and reduces the risk of injuries thanks to the even surface created as a result of a professional base installation.
  • Excellent for sloping and uneven yards: Artificial grass is the certainly the answer if you’re on the side of a hill or in a gully. The ability to manipulate the base materials we prepare under the grass during installation allows us to accommodate even quite severe inclines and rocky outcrops.

Weather, Bacteria, Pets, or Allergies? No worries, only solutions!

  • Rain isn’t an issue: If installed outside, the infill material in the artificial grass will soak up precipitation, the water will then dissipate through the drainage holes in the latex backing, a permeable solution!
  • Great for people with allergies: Fake lawn is excellent for homeowners with allergies. Real grass can trap pollen and seeds through its life-cycle which can be released upon mowing, or even by the wind and can cause allergic reactions. Sometimes pesticides and fertilisers also need to be used on real lawns which can inflame allergies. Fake turf does not have any of these concerns, as it isn’t natural, it doesn’t attract pollen or seeds, and as a result synthetic doesn’t need preventative spraying.
  • Pet business: If you have pets, their urine will pass through the fake lawn encouraged by cleansing rain, thanks to the drainage holes. Pet poop can be removed with a shovel or scoop and then the area can be lightly hosed if need be, just like natural grass. You may also consider purchasing dog or cat cleaning sprays from your local pet-shop to ensure any odour is completely removed.

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    Where Can Artificial Turf Be Installed?

    With our fluctuating climate across Eastern Australia, synthetic lawns Sydney provide an excellent means for you to experience back yard continuity and stability through all four of our seasons. With the climatic extremes of very hot summers and relatively cold winters, artificial turf is a simple year-round garden solution. When you buy synthetic grass you can install it practically anywhere you like. The most common place is of course in your yard, but, there are many more installation ideas you might consider.

    • Ideal for patios: If you have a patio area at home fake grass is a great carpeting idea to add some natural aesthetic appeal and literally bring the greenery closer to home.
    • Great for apartments and penthouses: If you don’t live in a house with a yard you can still benefit from a synthetic grass installation. Why not create a fake lawn on your balcony or as part of your rooftop garden or even around an indoor pool. You can install artificial turf just about anywhere to inspire a feeling of greenery, put it on walls and posts, doors or ceilings.
    • A huge variety of design options: Synthetic grass installations can feature anywhere in your home, not just out in the garden. Consider creating mini-golf-courses, kids’ playgrounds, or cut grass into intricate shapes as removable mats for your veranda, pergola, front-steps, or even as a welcome mat. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

    How do I Clean Fake Grass

    Cleaning your synthetic grass installation couldn’t be easier.

    1. All you need is a stiff yard broom to sweep away any leaves and other debris, this can also be achieved with a blower or a Roll&Comb. The frequency of doing this will depend on how often your vegetation sheds leaves and other debris. If you don’t keep on top of it the debris can get into the grass fibres and clog the drainage holes.
    2. All other maintenance including how to cope with spillages and damage is addressed in the Surface-it Synthetic Grass Maintenance Guide that every customer receives post installation