Synthetic Grass for Sydney Commercial Property

Schools, childcare centres, hotels and sports clubs are some of the more popular locations where artificial grass Sydney wide is being installed today. Artificial grass is perfect for high foot-traffic environments where a durable, long-lasting solution is required to fit within the constraints of a commercial budget, whilst at the same time offering an aesthetically pleasing natural look. Commercial venues often use fake grass to brighten spots that are difficult or impractical to access regularly which in turn reduces maintenance requirements whilst increasing appeal.

For entrances and feature areas that require instant pizzazz, artificial turf allows for the creation of a real point of difference that stays green all year round, without the need for water or upkeep.

Artificial Grass has Many Benefits

Using artificial grass allows for additional cost savings through less water usage as well as reducing general gardening outgoings (mowing and fertilisers etc.). Resources can be diverted elsewhere as your synthetic grass will pretty much look after itself!

Durable and able to withstand heavy traffic, no concerns about being in the shade, sit well in sloping areas and having no ugly bare patches, fake grass is the perfect solution for unusual terrain and hard to get to areas.

If you have an area that needs enhancing but you’re not quite sure what to do with it, then consider artificial turf, it might just be the perfect solution. Feel free to ask out team for advice and tips for your unique situation and we can tailor a synthetic solution to meet your needs.

Commercial Applications for Synthetic Turf

As you can see from our photos, there are a wide range of commercial applications for synthetic turf.

Some of the more commonly used applications include:

Child care centres
For the playground or even internal spaces, using artificial turf can provide excellent child friendly settings that look good and which give the staff and the children a natural feeling of space and greenery without the requirement of extra care and maintenance.

For use in playgrounds around climbing equipment and forts, with compliant soft fall protection if need be, or for sports ovals and outdoor areas, artificial grass will last longer and look better than the natural alternatives, even during school holidays.

Providing a dramatic synthetic entrance way, a lush green area around a pool or a unique rooftop oasis, artificial grass lends itself to many applications for the hospitality industry.

Body corporates
Keep your common areas looking immaculate, increase street appeal, and entice tenants by using synthetic grass for a low maintenance street frontage, a stylish courtyard or a peaceful retreat that all residents can use.

Sports Clubs
Reduce maintenance by using synthetic turf that will withstand the harshest of treatment. Bowls rink surrounds, durable synthetic cricket pitches, tee off areas at the golf club or driving range, multi-sports courts featuring not only tennis but fully marked for basketball and netball as well, three solutions in one!

Keeping public playgrounds in order can often be a challenge, installing low maintenance synthetic turf around the play equipment will translate to less upkeep and replenishment of bark and the playground will look the best all year round.

Artificial grass works hand in hand with critical fall height requirements in the form of under-surface padding that can be adjusted in terms of density to offer differing levels of protection to suit the height of the equipment.

Public parks
Synthetic turf can be used in general parklands creating softer pathways and grassy borders. Whether coloured or natural, the turf can contrast with or compliment the surrounding natural aspects of the park to create usable, inviting spaces.

Council median strips
In order to reduce watering, mowing and maintenance costs, many councils are turning to artificial grass to replace natural turf on median strips. Less maintenance can often translate to fewer delays for motorists as they wait for mowing machinery and the associated lane closures to move on.

Retirement homes
Create peaceful, natural looking common areas for all to enjoy. Encourage residents with small gardens to adopt an artificial grass alternative to retain the greenery but enable them to do away with the need for a lawn mower.

Rooftop terraces
A lush green lawn on the roof of an inner city apartment complex where the residents can gather and enjoy a social drink, but not a mower in sight! Of course, it’s artificial grass!

Putting greens
Able to fit into the tiniest of spaces, having a custom built, maintenance free synthetic putting green can add a unique interest to your facilities for residents and visitors alike. No space too small, no surface that can’t be considered!

Artificial Grass for Unusual Locations

With the variety of products available today, people are becoming more creative and will take advantage of the benefits of artificial turf by using it in more unusual locations. Inside an office, on the walls, in an open space as a break out room, the options really are only limited by the imagination.

Some other uses for artificial grass include:

  • Convert an indoor areas to a lush lawn for a playground
  • Coffee / Break out rooms at your workplace
  • Bringing the outdoors inside at a hotel or entertainment centre
  • A foyer or lobby for your building or office
  • A grass wall for a creative feature

Have a look at out Turf Trends blog for creative ideas that may give you inspiration for your office, hotel or commercial facilities.

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