Greening the Rooftops With Synthetic Grass in Sydney!

Posted By: surfaceadmin

Rooftop gardens, patios, terraces etc. all usually have one thing in common, an expanse of concrete or tiles with very little to soften the appearance of the area, unless they are utilised as part of the daily living routine and the wider household. Synthetic grass in Sydney can go a long way to brightening up these areas with a splash of green in the form of a new artificial lawn designed to add not just a recreational space to the premises but in many cases value to the property as well. Artificial turf can be laid directly over concrete by numerous means, including direct adhering the grass to the slab or perimeter adhesion with sand in-fill. The same frequently applies to covering tiles where the only checks need to include ensuring the tiles are level and that the space between each tile is not that wide or deep that in time impressions of the tiles can be seen through the synthetic turf. Synthetic Grass Sydney When correctly installed and finished, roof top fake grass will drain to existing drainage points and the flow of water will follow the natural fall of the slab, effectively mimicking the way rainfall flowed prior to the grass being laid. Being in the main part pet friendly, artificial grass areas are becoming more and more popular on the rooftops of city centre apartment buildings. When planned well enough in advance, e.g. at the design stage, additional features such as channel grates can be incorporated if required.

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