• December 10, 2014

Fake Grass Indoors – Would You?

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Would You Have Fake Grass Indoors?

Artificial Grass has changed so much that it can be hard to tell what is real unless you get down and feel it. Even then it can be startling how realistic it seems to the touch, the uses are wider now than they have ever been and it’s easy to find a space around the home that would be easier to maintain and care for with fake grass instead of real. Artificial grass lends itself to so much more than just outdoor use, considering it can essentially be laid like a carpet, why not use it indoors and make an otherwise flat space have a natural outdoor feel giving you more options and making every day spaces come alive. Below are just some of the imaginative ways you can make use of synthetic turf in a home or business location.

Fake Grass Flooring

  Bring some life to your indoor break areas with patches of artificial grass, instead of using a rug. When in a highrise building, it can be a great way to help the staff feel more connected to nature when taking a break and help to lift their mood and productivity. This office in Washington has glassed walls to allow extra light into the next zone as well.   Would you cover a large indoor space with synthetic grass? This office building has done fake grass justice with the addition of seating zones, a few small hills and some other greenery. Designed by Hassell, with an emphasis on the enjoyment of nature, the staff of Bangkok’s PTTEP (Petroleum Exploration) have dedicated space for interaction with other members of staff, as well as areas of retreat to help strengthen the office culture.  

Fake Grass Wall Coverings

Have you thought of putting fake grass on a different surface? How about using it on a wall to add another dimension to a home office, it’s a real difference to paint and wallpaper. Can you imagine sitting there and not wanting to reach out and touch the walls?   The skype office in California took it one step further with a modern games room as part of their whole office done by Design Blitz San Francisco. There are also small lawn spaces in the offices for more informal gatherings, adding interest and textures to an otherwise standard space.    

Sustainable Fake Grass

One of our favourites is from the Karl Strauss Brewing Company, who were moving premises and doing their best for sustainability, they made some excellent decisions about refurbishing their new office space. Instead of removing all the old worn carpet and sending it off to landfill, they removed the worst parts, cleaned the rest and replaced the biggest area with some fake turf. Here they decorated the space with a timber frame and a vintage bicycle. What a great feel to a previously worn out area.   So, if you are thinking of remodeling your home or office, and after something more creative, consider using synthetic grass indoors, you may create a unique and restful area for yourself and those around you.

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