Which Is The Best Artificial Grass That Stays Cool?

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but only when the neighbour has installed artificial turf. Well, if you want to be the neighbour whose lawn looks spectacular, regardless of the season, fake turf is the way to go for a number of reasons including the fact that it is virtually maintenance free and when properly installed, it makes your outdoors picturesque. However, not all artificial turf is created equal, and it is important to choose the type that among other qualities, stays cool regardless of the heat in the environment. How hot does artificial turf get? It is important to understand that all types of artificial turf do get hot when the temperatures are extremely high. This is because as the sun heats the lawn, a lot of that heat will be taken by the material and now absorbed into the soil. The turf will therefore be warmer than natural grass when the temperature is hot. However, the heat in the grass will never be as much as what surfaces such as asphalt irradiate when it is hot. The problem with the artificial turf getting hot comes in because everyone has grown up accustomed to the fact that surfaces such as the driveway will get hot in summer and it is not advisable to step on them without shoes. On the other hand, we also understand that surfaces such as the grass are much cooler, which is part of the reason why a hot lawn may come as a surprise. This little issue does not mean that Artificial turf installation is a not a good option. The truth of the matter is that natural grass is not drought friendly, it will eat up a lot of your water bill in the summer, there will be weeds and it is not tolerant to muddy weather and wetness in general, all condition that artificial turf beats very comfortably. Therefore, the fact that artificial grass does get a little hot is a bit of a tradeoff really because of its many advantages. Besides, there are working tricks that you can use to keep the turf cool even on the hottest days. Here are a few of those tips: · Keeping it cool before installation: If you have not yet installed the lawn, you have a good opportunity to take measures which will prevent the lawn from heating up more than it should. First of all, install inbuilt sub-surface cooling systems. These will help deflect the heat from the sun away from the lawn, keeping it at reasonable temperatures. Choose a lighter grass color and infill to reduce the amount of heat that will be absorbed into the lawn from the sun. Another step that you may take to keep the grass cool during the installation is avoiding rubber infills because they do absorb a lot of heat. · Providing shade for the grass: If you have already installed the grass, the other step that you can take to make sure that it stays cool regardless of the season is planting shrubs or trees. Trees will take a while to grow into the height and volume where they can be of substantial help. However, shrubs will grow fast and provide patches that are cool, making some areas of the lawn passable even in the hot afternoons. The added advantage of getting trees for the lawn is that your kids and pets will have a shaded outdoor space where they can play and rest during the day. · Shade sails: Another way that you can keep the lawn cool when the weather is hot is covering parts of the lawn that do not have shrubbery with shade sails. You can actually have the sails organized in a manner that they create shaded paths that one can follow to the pool and to the back of the house or other parts of the compound which you need to access throughout the day. · Retractable awnings: If the artificial turf has already been installed, the other trick that you can use to keep it cool when it is extremely hot, is installing retractable awnings to shade the grass around your home. These are temporary, and you will only put them up when it is extremely hot and bring them down when the weather is cool. Other tricks that usually work include rinsing the lawn when it is hot to bring down the temperature quickly, or running a sprinkler system when it is hot. The quality of the grass that you buy will also determine whether it heats up fast or not. Artificial Turf that does not easily heat up The technology involved in Artificial turf installation has been evolving a lot over the years. The most current artificial turf is created with heat block technology. In the creation of the rolls that make the lawn, this technology is incorporated so that when exposed to the sun, the heat is prevented from getting absorbed into the lawn. Another tip that can help you in the purchase is to go for extremely light shades of green in the grass. It all boils down to the simple physics; the darker the color of the lawn, the more it will retain heat from the sun. Therefore, when you go for the lightest shade of green there is, you will have less of a problem with heat retention. The first thing to do is to ensure that the grass you buy has the heat block technology. However, if you already installed the lawn and did not check to see whether it had the appropriate heat blocking technology, you can design the front and backyards of your home to include some well shaded areas. This will reduce the area exposed to the sun and as a result, it will be cooler. As long as your lawn is maintained well and hosed down when there is a heat wave, it will stay within reasonable levels of temperature and your compound will be walkable in regardless of the season.

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