Jazz Up Your Pool Area With Artificial Turf

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Once the design of your new backyard pool is complete, your attention may quickly turn to landscaping. Depending on the size of your yard, you may have the ability to enjoy a smaller or larger grassy area near the pool. However, using natural grass, which doesn’t like chlorine and salt is not always the best solution. Artificial grass is a great alternative to consider.

Many people cannot visually discern the difference between artificial and natural grass without inspecting it very closely. Before you jump in and book your artificial turf installation for your pool area, it is important to consider its many benefits and to develop a great plan to use it strategically in your yard.

The many benefits of using artificial grass around a pool

There are several important benefits associated with using artificial grass around a swimming pool. For example, natural grass requires regular maintenance, such as watering, fertilization, mowing and more. In addition to the time and energy required take care of a natural lawn, the clippings during mowing can blow into the pool which effectively increases your pool maintenance requirements.

Regardless of whether you intend to have a chlorine or saltwater pool, both the chemicals and the salt can be detrimental to the health of a natural lawn. You inevitably will have brown spots on natural grass located very close to the pool as a result and the more active the pool users are, the more brown areas you will end up with.

Turf as a soft surface around the pool perimeter

Even with a grass yard in the background, many people have concrete, pavers or another similar surface immediately around the pool. These surfaces can be easily and readily covered with synthetic grass. It can give your pool a more natural and less man-made look. You may incorporate pavers that are spaced out with turf in between them. This gives you a natural look while bringing some hard surfaces into the area. One way to use pavers in this way is as a walkway between the pool and residence.

Plush turf under lounge chairs

Lounge chairs and swimming pools go hand in hand. While you can lay artificial turf throughout your entire yard as a replacement for the lawn, another idea is to use the turf only underneath your lounge chairs. Many people don’t wear shoes when on a sun lounger, so when they stand up and put their feet on the ground, they can enjoy the wonderful feel of turf under their feet rather than hard, hot concrete or the like. Keep in mind that natural grass is often home to ants and bindiis who prefer the artificial alternative far less.

Green turf as a vertical backdrop

While turf may most commonly be used as a horizontal surface, such as a natural grass replacement or over a hard surface, it may also be used in vertical fashion. For example, some people may wrap beams on their covered patio with turf, or they may add turf to a large wall in the back of the yard. This can soften the appearance of large structures. Keep in mind that these features may have vegetation placed in front of them to create natural camouflage.

Artificial turf for more creative purposes

When many people think about turf, they may think about mini golf courses or putting greens. If you enjoy playing golf and are looking for a wonderful way to incorporate your passion into your backyard, you may use turf to create a putting green near your pool.

You can see that there are many benefits associated with using artificial grass in a backyard that has a swimming pool. This is a practical, functional and beautiful material that can be used in a variety of ways in your backyard. Now is a great time to explore the many types of turf that may be available for use in your backyard and to schedule a convenient time to have a Surface-it artificial grass expert stop in for a chat.

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