• November 9, 2015

Choosing the Right Artificial Turf

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We all know how hard it can be to find the time to take care of your lawn.  Mowing, watering, weeding, who has the time? It’s no wonder more and more Australians are rolling out artificial grass to replace the traditional lawn. Not only is the upkeep so much easier, but it also looks good! Your neighbours and friends may even mistakenly believe you have real grass and impeccable lawn maintenance skills. When you finally decide to take the plunge into artificial grass ownership, you may be surprised by the different types of grass available. Choosing the right artificial turf for your application very much depends on the look you are after for your home and what it will be used for, the area the turf will be covering and the price you are willing to pay. Here are our top suggestions to choose the right artificial turf for your space.

Your Home

When choosing artificial grass for your yard, there is so much to consider to make sure you choose correctly.   Ask yourself, what is the purpose of your turf and where will it be located? Will it be an area for your kids to play and do sports? Will the artificial turf be for a featured area? Is the area going to be surrounded by trees or located beside a pool? Artificial turf is well suited to all these areas and there are different turf options available depending on all of these factors.

The Look

You always need to consider the look you are going for before making your turf decision. How much do you want your turf to look like real grass? At Surface-it, you can pick from a range of realistic options in varying price ranges. You could choose a great all-rounder residential landscape grass, a thick and realistic looking turf for the ultimate grass look or you can pick up entry level landscape grass that is perfect for the budget conscious and also looks great. If you would like more information about artificial turf and how it can be used at your home, visit our Lawns page.

Sporting Surfaces

Get back into the game by replacing your high maintenance natural grass field with resilient and long lasting artificial turf. Tennis courts, putting greens, cricket wickets and hockey fields are just some of the many sporting surfaces that can be covered with artificial turf.

Regular Activity

When choosing the right turf for your sporting field, do keep in mind that it needs to be durable enough to withstand constant and regular activity. Whether it is a tennis player shifting around the court or a hockey player running across a field, choose an artificial turf that can easily withstand the high impact inflicted from sporting activities.


You need a grass that is built to last. When it comes to sporting fields, you will want a good quality turf that can stand the test of time and look great for many years to come to receive the best value for money.

Customised for your Specific Sport

You can’t just put any old artificial grass on a regularly used sporting field. Artificial turf can be customised right down to the specific type of sport being played. This can include adding required sports markings, fall protection and picking appropriate pile heights to suit specific sports. Check out our sports surfaces page for all the information you need on artificial turf for sporting fields.  

Your Commercial Space

You will always start off on the right foot by laying artificial turf in your commercial space. Whether it’s a school, hotel or a sports club, there are great artificial turf options available which are perfectly suited to these areas.


Durable commercial grade turf is the best option you could choose for your commercial space. A durable artificial grass is a great option for areas that have high foot-traffic, which is often the case for most commercial spaces.

Child Friendly

There is even a basic budget coloured artificial turf option that is ideal for play areas in schools and childcare centres. Not only is it affordable, but it also looks fun! Under surface padding for soft fall protection can also be included for play areas to ease a fall from any little ones in schools, child care centres and playgrounds. Remove remainder of this paragraph.


You may be surprised by how creative you can get with artificial turf. Artificial turf can even be used indoors for areas such as breakout rooms, foyers or lobbies. A shorter pile height is most suited for indoor areas. To add extra creativity to your commercial space, you can also incorporate a grass wall into your interior design. Choose an aesthetically pleasing option that focuses on the look rather than the feel and durability of any grass wall design. For inspiration in choosing the right artificial turf, our commercial page is full of information and ideas for incorporating artificial turf into your commercial space.

Other Considerations

Once you have decided on the perfect space to lay your artificial lawn, it is time to pick the perfect look and feel for your turf. This decision is not one to be made lightly as you will be looking at and walking on this turf for many years to come. The colour of your grass is also just as important. Choose the perfect colour from a variety of shades whether you are after a vibrant green or if you want to incorporate different colour thatches for a more realistic look, the choice is yours to make. You can also decide how soft the lawn will be under your feet and how durable you need it to be. No matter how much advice we provide on choosing the perfect artificial lawn, nothing beats speaking to an expert face to face and taking a look at the artificial turf options for yourself. This is why it is always a good idea to speak with our friendly team at Surface-it to help you find the perfect artificial lawn to suit your specific needs. With the large variety of artificial turf options available at Surface-it you can’t go wrong!

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