• May 15, 2015

Synthetic Grass Sydney News

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Artificial Grass is trending in Sydney in a similar fashion to all of today’s Social Media sites, every foray is unique, quite often spectacular and usually, the end result is something of which the beholder is extremely proud. Surface-it synthetic grass Sydney has been installed in many different situations in around the New South Wales capital recently, extending to Wollongong in the south where we advised and assisted on a gym project for a former St George Dragons superstar, to a large resort on the Central Coast that needed the surrounds of all their swimming pools re-vamped and upgraded for a busy summer season. We built a large synthetic putting green at a driving range in the western suburbs and installed a small but equally spectacular artificial grass display shop window at a major retailer in the CBD. The possibilities are endless and we’re here to assist you stretch the imagination.

Residential artificial turf sports applications are booming

One of the latest trends emerging in the residential Sydney artificial grass market is the upsurge in demand for multi-sports areas in private back yards. These can be developed and installed in as little as 50m2 of open space, in place of existing natural grass or even over a driveway. The fake grass sports courts can be planned for more than one sport, for example basketball and netball, or badminton and cricket. We install the sports areas with synthetic grass line markings included and a number of different hoop, net and post options with backboards can be added to the design as needed. Mini soccer and hockey goals can be used to enhance the user experience. We do have different artificial grass for specific sports and a number of products that are classified for multi-sports applications, meaning we can cater to all budgets and for all synthetic grass for sport.  In addition our Australian manufacturer has in the past produced for us, in just a short period of time, a custom synthetic grass solution for individual requirements, so this is another option for the avid sports enthusiast to consider. Where compliant with neighbourhood regulations, floodlights and fencing may also be incorporated. As the fitness industry boom continues Surface-it has also been commissioned to install artificial grass sledding tracks in a number of metropolitan gymnasiums, these can be quickly installed and easily removed which is always a great help if premises ever need to be returned to the landlord. We can supply and install rubber flooring for general fitness areas and weight training along with a colourful range of top tiles and aerobic flooring.

Practically put, synthetic grass putting greens can go anywhere

Artificial grass and low handicaps go hand in hand and it is from here that our synthetic turf roots have sprouted! This is where we started many years ago, designing and installing artificial putting greens as the low maintenance alternative to allow the home owner to have a professional standard backyard putting experience without the maintenance hassles associated with a natural turf green, namely daily mowing and rolling, not to mention the pesticides and fertilisers! Today the synthetic putting grass we use has the benefit of years of research and development with which we have assisted, our input to the manufacturer driven by your customer feedback. This has resulted in a better, truer putting experience with a less complex installation process. In the past an average sized green would take two or three days to install, today we can do this in one or two days, even less sometimes, depending on the complexity of the job. Today Sydney synthetic putting trends see greens being installed on balconies, roof tops, down the side of residential blocks, in office break out-rooms, at airports, in fact just about anywhere you might choose to think.

Balcony and roof top Utopia, all down to Fake grass.

If there is a downside to living in central Sydney some might say that the amount of concrete on display has something to do with it. Not to worry, we have the solution, Sydney fake grass supplied and installed by Surface-it can bring the outdoors in. Even if you don’t think you have the space to incorporate a little greenery at your place why not give us the challenge of coming up with some ideas for you. Vertical gardens, synthetic grass on walls, even ceilings. Turn a drab balcony into a green oasis with a little of our grass; a carpet, a rug? Call us today 02 8324 1314 and see what off cuts we have in the warehouse that might do the trick, or go the whole nine yards and cover the entire roof top terrace, create a space just for you to enjoy. It is being done today, all over the city, synthetic grass Sydney is trending and we want you to be a part of the experience!

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