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Artificial Grass Sydney


Surface-it offers artificial grass Sydney wide, giving homeowners and property managers the chance to easily add value to their properties.

Our artificial grass also helps improve the street appeal and overall appearance of your property while reducing the time you spend doing regular maintenance.

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We’ve been installing synthetic grass for years, giving our team the experience and expertise to set up the perfect artificial turf for you. Make the most of your lifestyle with our no-fuss, easy-care lawn, and spend more time enjoying the outdoor lifestyle with your family and friends.

Fake grass these days is so well designed and natural looking that people won’t be able to tell that your lush, green, beautiful lawn is actually synthetic turf. We often hear stories from satisfied customers about how people didn’t even realise they had artificial grass installed, and their friends would have to feel it to be sure. It just looks that good!

Landscaping with synthetic turf is a perfect way to keep a well-maintained yard in the unpredictable summers without having to water it to keep it green. Artificial is also perfect for those rainy months, as your yard won’t turn into a muddy quagmire but instead stay looking lush. It’s a practical solution in an ever-changing environment.

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Synthetic Grass is a Long Lasting Solution

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Synthetic grass is one of the most cost-effective lawn solutions available today, especially if you want something for the long-term. As one of the best synthetic grass specialists in Sydney, we know first-hand just what artificial turf can do for many local homes and properties.

Because it can withstand the constant wear and tear of people walking on it, synthetic turf is ideal for high traffic areas and spaces. It can also stay green under shady trees and is built to withstand the punishment that pets often deliver to lawns.

With fake grass, you won’t have issues with divots, mud, or uneven growth, and you’ll no longer require fertilizer, pesticides, or mower fuel.

Our team specialises in creating garden transformations for a variety of facilities. By expertly manipulating our artificial grass, we can easily create a feature area for your accommodation or business complex that looks great all year round.

From hotels to aged care facilities, sports complexes to corporate buildings, our low maintenance synthetic grass solutions can save money whilst providing a great return on investment. Fake grass and artificial turf provide value and offer returns on your investment in a relatively short amount of time.

Artificial Grass by Surface-It

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Artificial Grass for Sports SurfacesResidential Artificial Grass Putting Green Sydney

We also install and re-surface residential tennis courts, sports areas and playgrounds creating a safer environment for the people using them. A synthetic tennis court surface is much kinder on the lower limbs than any hard court equivalent, and a kids’ sports area in artificial turf will always have fewer trip hazards and softer landings than an old concrete driveway. If you’re an avid golfer and have enough space, how about installing an artificial turf putting green? You can practice and get on top of your game.

It goes without saying that using fake grass for tennis, a cricket wicket, bowls rink or a putting green offers a cleaner, more consistent, top quality environment for every level of play.synthetic lawn sports ground

When you have a sports area that needs a few line markings, these can easily become part of the artificial turf installation. Whatever the size may be, the flexibility provided by our synthetic turf will always be there. The lines won’t wash out or need to be reapplied, which again means less maintenance.

By using our artificial turf, we believe that player performance and player comfort will improve. We also resurface residential tennis courts, sports areas, and playgrounds, providing a safer and more uniform environment for players.

We also resurface residential tennis court, sports areas and playgrounds creating a safer environment for the people using those facilities than hard concrete surfaces.


Artificial Grass Backyard SydneyPerfect for Sprucing up Homes

Do you own a penthouse and love the great harbour or city views but just miss having your own lawn? Try installing synthetic grass around your rooftop, pool, or outdoor area for your own private, natural escape!

Do you own an apartment or unit with a great location but feel the greenery is lacking? Our synthetic grass Sydney service can help make it better.

Our artificial turf comes in a range of colours and textures that allow for multiple options in designing your property, including adding synthetic grass to your walls or ceiling. You can create a modern and inviting space, have a feature entrance set up, or bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with ease.

Sydney Lifestyle Watson BayIf you’re a Sydney home owner whose natural lawn is just looking worn out, patchy, or simply non-existent, our synthetic turf can give it the zest it needs. Artificial grass is great for sprucing up your patio, yard, or balcony, and it offers so much more when used as a design feature such as between pavers and around garden beds.

And if your outdoor area always gets extremely hot because of the midday sun, our synthetic turf can help make your environment cooler. Artificial grass, with its prescribed infill, absorbs heat better than concrete or pavers. That heat also won’t be retained, which means the area will cool down faster as soon as shade hits it.

Clever Design Ideas

Do you have children and are maybe thinking about how best to decorate their bedroom? Our synthetic turf provides plenty of options for children’s room designs with a twist.

Not only will it give their rooms a more fun and inviting atmosphere, but it can also provide a safer area to play in. Your kids will love it!

Synthetic Grass is Perfect for Sydney Business and Hotels

When it comes to using synthetic grass, Sydney hotels and businesses are among those who benefit the most.

Artificial grass can quickly improve the overall appearance of your office or commercial space while providing a cleaner and more professional atmosphere. A spot of greenery in the workplace can also help improve productivity, as numerous studies have shown that bringing nature indoors can be beneficial for everyone inside.

If you’re a hotelier, artificial grass can keep your costs down long-term, thanks to the easy maintenance involved. And unlike real grass, which is far more susceptible to wear and tear, you won’t have to do much to keep it looking like new. With our artificial turf and fake grass, you can easily retain its resilience and lush look for many years. It’s great for the environment too because you won’t have to water it or use fertilisers or pesticides to maintain it.

And if your business revolves around landscaping, gardening, health, fitness, sporting goods, or anything related to the outdoors, even better! Artificial grass is a great way to show off your products or services in their natural environment, allowing you to really “paint the picture” in your clients’ minds.

Save Time with Artificial Grass

Rooftop terrace artificial turf

When you choose to install artificial grass in your home or property, you’re also making an investment in your lifestyle. Creating a good work-life balance can be tricky when you’re working hours on end and you have to manage a home at the same time. There is always maintenance that needs to be done and something to be taken care of.

With our synthetic turf, however, you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your home or property. Not only does it require much less time and effort to maintain, but it’ll also save you more money in the long-run and incur fewer expenses than other types of lawns.

Smiles all around!

Help the Environment

When you choose to install an artificial grass Sydney yard or indoor surface, you are making an excellent lifestyle decision. Creating a good work / life balance can be tricky when you are working hours on end and you own a home. There is always maintenance that needs to be done, and reducing the time you spend on this can be easily achieved by talking to the Surface-it team.

If you are using artificial turf as a feature in your business you will also benefit from the related cost savings which should ultimately be reflected in a healthier bottom line. Smiles all around!

Help the Environment

Artificial grass doesn’t only save time and money; it can also save natural resources and help the environment.

For one thing, synthetic turf and fake grass are well suited to harsh climates. Artificial turf doesn’t require watering, and it can withstand extreme heat even without an irrigation system.

Synthetic lawns also don’t have to be treated for pests or fertilised to retain their immaculate condition.

And lastly, they don’t require mowing. This inevitably results in lower pollution rates for your property. One hour of lawnmower use has been compared to the motors running simultaneously in eleven cars, and you won’t be using your vehicle to take the mower clippings to the tip!

Professional Installation or DIY

Artificial turf rollGetting your lawn installed by our team ensures that your base is prepared correctly, giving you the best results and optimum drainage for years to come. You can sit back and relax knowing the work is being done by a qualified team of experts with years of experience and knowledge under their belt. Your yard will always be in good hands with us.

If you prefer to do it yourself, we sell artificial grass wholesale and deliver anywhere in Australia at minimal additional cost. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, on a balcony, or a wall, we’ll happily provide you with advice on how to get great results no matter where you want to put it.


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Our teams have completed a wide range of artificial grass installations, and they have a wealth of landscaping knowledge and experience to help you get the best artificial turf for your needs.

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